Oasis Community Centre – Opening Times

Centre Opening Times

The OASIS Community Centre and Gardens are open 365 days a year for the local commnity.

We even open on Christmas Day, when we put on a carol service with christmas refreshments so that no-one need to be totally alone on Christmas Day.

The gardens are used daily by the public unless there is a project event which is sensitive, such as our Treasured Kids project for disabled children.



We see on average around 300-400 different people attending our OASIS site weekly, and over 500 people annually. We have previously had upto 1000 people attend an individual event. 

Who our charity helps

Children & Young People
Adults of all Ages
Elderly & Older People
People with Disabilities
Families who require Respite
All Ethnic and Racial Origins
The Wider General Public
All of our Fellow Mankind

What our charity does

Charitable Activities
Education & Training
Religious Activities
Disability Assistance
Overseas & Relief Aid
Recreation & Clubs

How our charity works

Provides Community Services
Use of Buildings
Excellent Facilities
Open Outdoor Spaces
Charitable Services
Gardening & Produce
Offer Respite Care Days
Special Family Events

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Contact The Oasis Community Centre

The OASIS Community Centre
Off Longfellow Drive,
S81 0DE


07795 194957